Author Tips

1. Create an Amazon Author Page

An Amazon Author Page allows potential readers to get to know you and your books. It's easy to set-up and table-stakes for any Author with books available on

Expert Tip: Join the Amazon Associates Program to earn royalties on every sale completed with product links you share online.


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2. Become a Goodreads Author

The Goodreads Author Program allows published authors to promote their book and connect with readers. It's a free program and is great for authors who have books available on multiple platforms. You can even use it as your main Author Website (blog and RSS features available) or connect an existing blog.

Expert Tip: Make sure to set-up your author profile AND edit/add all of your books to Goodreads. If a book is missing, you can add it manually.

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3. Get Book Reviews

Book reviews help authors gain new readers, exposure and ultimately book sales. Since many book sales take place online, a reader only has the description, cover art, and reviews to make their purchase decision. Book reviews can take many forms:

  • Trade Reviews - e.g., booksellers and media

  • Reader Reviews - e.g., Amazon or Goodreads

  • Expert or Editorial - e.g., a known author or a book critic

Authors & Publishers: Interested in having your poetry book reviewed by Offbeat Poet?

Send the required book review request information and a copy of your manuscript to Offbeat Poet for consideration. 

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