The Truth Behind Mother Goose

Simple and seemingly harmless nursery rhymes we all grew up reciting hide a twisted and dark history.

Top 5 Podcasts for Writers

All of these writing podcasts have hours of binge-worthy episodes that you may not want to stop once you start.

Book Review: Homespun Mercies by DJ Hill

In Ars Poetica (Art of Poetry) form, DJ Hill’s debut collection of poetry and collage, Homespun Mercies, epitomizes ut pictura poesis.

Audible: A Must-Have for Book Lovers

As an avid writer and book lover with never enough time to sit down and read; I could not survive without Audible.

Poetry Glossary & Definitions

From poetry form and structure to tools and types, explore the parts of poetry and add these tools to your writing toolkit to improve your s

Blackout Poetry #bhfyp

Looking for the best hashtag for your post #bhfyp (best hashtag for your post)? Find the Best Hashtags for Blackout Poetry and other Poems w

Journals for Poets

Redacted Poetry Journal, inPromptU Poetry Prompts, and Unwritten Thoughts Journal by Offbeat Poet are now available on Amazon.

Need a Prompt?

NEW! Whether your struggling with writer's block or just want to mix it up; check out InPromptU Journal: Random Thoughts Poetry Prompts .

New Book Releases | May 2019

New Offbeat Poet book releases! Check out Redacted Poetry Journal and Unwritten Thoughts Journal now available on and other shops