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Book Review: Meditations on an Empty Stomach by Michael Lee Bross

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Michael Lee Bross’ first book, Meditations on an Empty Stomach, is a remarkable collection of earnest and coltish poems crafted to expose the joys and complexities of fatherhood. Seeking to dissect and understand hunger throughout the collection; Bross feeds multiple senses with powerful imagery and meditative connections. Clever and metaphoric verse attractively darkened by experience, accrue meaning through juxtaposition and repetition of the work’s theme. Bross’ blunt and deliberate lines command attention; arousing intense emotions that accentuate the poems, making them even more provocative. From his unapologetically honest descriptions in Delivery Room to his playful yet powerful account of eating marshmallows in On teaching my daughter proper nutrition, Meditations on an Empty Stomach, is a well-balanced meal that satisfies the mind and soul that sets the table for a delicious follow up dessert. Visit Finishing Line Press to reserve a copy of Meditations on an Empty Stomach by Michael Lee Bross (preorders ship October 2019).


Book Details:

  • Title: Meditations on an Empty Stomach

  • Author: Michael Lee Bross

  • Publisher: Finishing Line Press

  • Genre: Poetry

  • Format(s): $14.99, paper

  • Publication Date: Preorders ship 10/11/2019


Review Details:

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