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Book Review: Some Electric Hum Poems by Janice Northerns

Offbeat Poet Book Review
In her debut poetry collection, Janice Northerns simple, yet sophisticated, recollections of her personal history leave the heart and soul humming for more.

Some Electric Hum, by Janice Northerns, examines an array of personal experiences in plainspoken word garnished with clever wordplay and powerful metaphors. Throughout the five-part collection of poems; Northerns guides readers through her raw recollection of everyday moments. Meandering through various times, thoughts, and memories; each rendering of everyday experience is stripped down until only authentic emotion and unapologetic truth remain.

Northerns writing feels like a comfortable conversation with a longtime friend; curled up on the couch with a warm cup of coffee. Her clever use of symbolism and metaphors allow for readers to choose their own experience with the collection: either examine the emotion and discover the underlying meaning or enjoy the story like a childhood fable. Regardless of the path chosen, the journey is charming and cathartic.

From fireworks and tornadoes to snakes and hummingbirds; everything consumed by Some Electric Hum becomes amplified; acting as a catalyst for personal healing and emotional cleansing for all who choose to hear the words.




"Sharp carving delineates the number of days with a hyphen in between born and died, the messy living in between blown away by a stonecutter's breath."

-Excerpt from A History for Louise pg. 45

"Taste of chile verde fades as a scorched memento mori settles on my tongue, yellow burst blotting out the sun."

-Excerpt from Driving Back from Bandolier pg. 59

"Embers spark arguments a decade old and form turns formulaic, shaping the heart-into a red-edged cliché as we are bound."

-Excerpt from Anniversary pg. 71


  • Hummingbird

  • Snake Trails

  • Tornado Vision

  • About Those Shoes... (Cinderella's Manifesto)

  • She is a Secret


Watch Janice Northerns read from her poetry collection, Some Electric Hum

Source: YouTube 8/3/2020


Book Details

Some Electric Hum by Janice Northerns is available on Amazon and other Booksellers. Visit the author’s website for more information.


About the Author

Janice Northerns

"Janice Northerns grew up on a farm in rural West Texas and holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Texas Tech University. After teaching college and high school English for many years, she recently took early retirement to devote more time to writing. She currently lives in southwest Kansas with her husband, Bill McGlothing. An award-winning poet, Northerns' work has been published widely in journals such as The Chariton Review, descant, The Laurel Review, Roanoke Review, Southwestern American Literature, Iron Horse Literary Review, and elsewhere. Some Electric Hum is her first full-length poetry collection."


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