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Redacted Poetry 101: Blackout Writer’s Block with Redacted Poetry

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Writer’s block. We’ve all been there. Sitting, staring at a blank page or blinking cursor on the screen feeling as empty-minded as the page itself. Caught in the uninspired undertow; compounded by frustration, depression and hopelessness. It’s as if you’re lost. Driving in an area you've never been with neither phone service nor trace of civilization. When attempting to combat writer’s block, we often try to force creativity. Our pleas turn to desperate threats as we helplessly watch any glimpse of an idea retreat immediately. Applying this mental pressure results in the exact opposite effect. Ideas are rapidly fleeting, yet you’re stuck- unable to chase them and make them yours.

The concept of writer’s block is the problem in, and of, itself. Writer’s block is the inability to create new work. Don't be misled to believe that creating new work suggests fabricating or producing something new.

Creation can be achieved through subtraction; better yet, redaction.

Take something already created; subtract, and redact (or blackout), to create something new. This may seem like one of those fad ideas listed alongside fidget spinners, hoverboards, and slider phones. However, unlike a fad or crazy, redacted art can be traced back hundreds of years through a multitude of mediums. In this Redacted Poetry Series, we’ll connect the creators, thinkers, and writers who contributed to the art form and explore the ultimate creativity tool to not only overcome writer’s block but also unlock an inspiring way to collaborate with some of the world’s greatest writers of all-time; redacted poetry

To learn more about redacted poetry and try your hand at making your own blackout poetry pick up a copy of Redacted Poetry Journal: Create Blackout Poetry by Destroying the Classics by Offbeat Poet (ISBN13: 9781725965553) on This Redacted Poetry Blog Series will cover all the history, tools, and concepts you need to overcome writer's block and create redacted poetry. Visit the next post, History of Blackout Poetry to continue your creative quest.

Please leave comments with thoughts and more resources or tips to help everyone blackout writer’s block! Cheers to Creativity!


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