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Redacted Poetry 301: What is Redacted Poetry?

Many artists, writers, and everyday creatives have already found that redacted poetry or blackout poetry can help ignite inspiration and manifest ideas for new projects. The fact that you already have a plethora of words from the source material staring at you, means that blackout poetry easily transcends the barrier of writer’s block.

While most creative works are done by the addition of new ideas, redacted poetry takes the other route. Instead of focusing on adding and fabricating, redacted poetry focuses on finding something different and new in old ideas — by redacting it.

Anyone can create redacted poetry. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, how old you are, or where you came from. The materials, tools, and themes are completely up to you. Don’t limit yourself to just newspaper — try using fashion magazines, journals, textbooks, or even this book when you’re finished reading it. The only limit is your imagination.

Redacted poetry, or Blackout Poetry is defined as (offbeatpoet.com):

"...is a form of found poetry characterized by the use of a marker (usually black marker) to redacts or "blacks out" from existing text (e.g. newspaper, magazine, book, etc.). The surviving words are then read in sequence, unless visually connected otherwise, as a poem."

Blackout poetry is created by redacting or blacking out text on a page (i.e. newspaper, book, magazine, etc.), leaving only a sequence of words that from a poem. Blackout Poetry, or redacted poetry, is a form of Found Poetry. Learn more about the history of blackout poetry, famous poets and influences, and types and forms; in the other posts found in the Offbeat Poetry: Redacted Poetry Series on Medium and in the Offbeat Poet Blog.

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Visit the Redacted Poetry Series in Offbeat Poetry on Medium or OffbeatPoet.com to explore the history, influences, and elements of blackout poetry.

Want to Try Your Hand at Redacted Poetry?

Pick up a copy of The Redacted Poetry Journal: Create Blackout Poetry by Destroying the Classics (ISBN-13: 978-1725965553) - by Offbeat Poet.

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